Behind the Brand: The Brandywine River

Many of my customers have asked: “What’s behind the name ‘Brandywine?’”

For me, the Brandywine refers to three things: a river, the surrounding area, and my home.

The Brandywine River (technically, it’s a creek, but everyone around here disagrees) runs through both Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania and New Castle County in Delaware. 

Arguably the most notable event in the history of the area occurred during the Revolutionary War.  On September 11, 1777, the river played a pivotal role in what is now known as the Battle of Brandywine – an unfortunate defeat for the Continental Army which saw the wounding of the Marquis de Lafayette (who survived and went on to become a hero of both the American and the French Revolutions) and temporarily doomed Philadelphia to occupation by British forces.

A few decades later, the gun powder plants of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont) were established a few miles south of the battlefield area on the bank of the river outside of Wilmington, Delaware.  More than any other company, DuPont and the namesake family who built and ran the business for generations left an indelible mark on the broader Brandywine region – with former estates including Longwood, Winterthur, Nemours, and Hegley having been turned into world-renowned oases of the horticultural arts, among other things.
The Brandywine River and surrounding area is also closely associated with several of the country’s most well-known artists: Howard Pyle (who founded the Brandywine School), N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, and Jamie Wyeth (the Brandywine River Museum of Art houses much of the respective Wyeth collections).
Replete with flora and fauna, covered bridges, and vintage barns, the Brandywine is the inspiration behind my collections, creative, and branding – and it’s been the area that I call home since 1986.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to sharing a new blog series with you which explores the history, people, landmarks, and natural beauty of the Brandywine River and the surrounding area.


  • For anyone researching this site… it’s incredible, fantastic, and amazing!
    Quality nature themed jewelry these days is hard to come by with factories producing thousands of necklaces a day, and millions of earrings being shipped worldwide.
    All that to say, in all my experience with different websites throwing out “PICK THIS NECKLACE AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!” commercials… I’ve never owned anything that is as elegant, practical, and downright GORGEOUS as the jewelry made by Brandywine Boutique.
    Peter D? Keep being awesome. I salute you.

  • I just happened upon your FB posting, and was wondering about “the name”. After exploring more, I see that you are definitely in God’s country. We lived on Webb Rd in Chadds Ford for 30 years, my husband was vice president of J. F. Styer Nursery (no longer there, I think), and then owner of Styer’s Wholesale Nursery in West Grove. Loved that area so much. Truly did not want to locate, but everything is okay now. Actually, I don’t think we could afford to live on Webb Road now. Great memories.

    Dottie Lewis
  • I love your shop, everything is beautiful. I have ordered things for myself and my granddaughters, we all enjoy our new goodies, thank you.

    Judy Robinson
  • When will you be closing, this makes me sad because I just now found you. How long do I have to use my acorn rewards? There are more things I want to purchase just trying to earn more acorns.

    Sarah Vickers
  • I will assume that you are aware that there was a Brandywine river in the Lord of the Rings written by JRR Tolkien. It was the home of the hobbit Meriadoc. I simply love it that there is a Brandywine river in the U.S.

    Robin Riebsomer

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